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Writing a power of attorney

Depending on which state you live in, different areas typically have different laws governing how a person can transfer or delegate power to another person to act on the behalf of the "principal" (the person who wants to delegate power to another individual on his/her behalf), a power of attorney is generally a legal document that gives another person authority over the affairs of the "principal".

The power of attorney will authorize another person to make the decisions for you when you are absent or unable to handle your affairs on your own.

How do I make one?

You can typically find a simple power of attorney form on the net. And since you can delegate authority to another person over a lot of aspects regarding your life, be ready to specifically write down what you are looking for. A medical power of attorney usually differs from a financial power of attorney. They basically differ on how it is written though. What others usually do is simply find a form that is close to what they want and then simply alter it to fit their needs.

Another great and nifty way for you to ensure that it fits your state or area requirement is to contact a local court and ask for a pre-made form. These forms are usually pretty generic and will have to be altered to ensure it fits your needs.

Make sure that you identify yourself properly on the form and give out your full name and address. You have to explain that you are giving authority to another person and then state the reason as to which why and when you are giving this authority.

Don't forget to specify what kind of authority you are giving to your agent. If you have trouble specifying the kind of powers you can delegate to a person then you can simply look it up on the Internet for a list of powers or call your local court for more information.

Once done, you can now take this to a notary public. Once signed the document can now be legally used and will take effect immediately or on the specified date indicated by you.

To sum it all up, a power of attorney in general, gives authority to another person to act on your behalf. Always makes sure to have restrictions and conditions on your document to protect your side as well.



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