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What is an attorney?

What is an attorney? Is it different from being a lawyer? Probably, no other profession has as many names and variations than that of an attorney. Most of us are confused what term to use. We interchange frequently the terms barrister, lawyer, and attorney. We do not know that these terms, by definition, have their very own unique meaning.

So what is an attorney? An attorney-at-law or an attorney, is a person who practices legal profession. Particularly, he is licensed and qualified to represent another person in a trial court. He/she can act and represent a client to defend or plead a case in a legal proceeding.

On the other hand, a lawyer is a trained and educated person to give aid and advice in terms of legal matters. Most often, a lawyer also represents a client during court trials and other various legal proceedings. Because of this, the term lawyer and attorney are considered as synonyms.

In addition to attorneys and lawyers, there are other job titles that are commonly used and interchanged in the field of law. These are the solicitors and barristers. A solicitor is a person who serves as an advocate in lower court; he is also in charge with dealing with clients and preparing legal documents. On the other hand, a barrister is a person who serves in the higher court and do not deal with clients directly.

After knowing what is an attorney and his obligations, you may want to become an attorney yourself one day. Being an attorney or a lawyer is a hard profession. Being a lawyer or attorney takes years of studying, hardwork and money. You have to read hundreds of books, do a lot of memorizing and understanding. If you want to start early, you can start by joining debate teams while still in high school, study hard to get to a good college. When in college, take a pre-law course; just like in high school, join organizations and maintain high grades. If a pre-law undergraduate course already requires you lots of reading, expect more readings and memorizations in graduate school. While still in law school, get a job at a law firm; this will help you have experience and know how it exactly feels to be a lawyer. After graduating law school, study for the bar exam and always aim high. Law firms and corporate always prioritize hiring lawyers having good remarks. Remember, to be a successful lawyer, you need to be dedicated and be hard working.



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