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A power of attorney is a written form or letter authorizing an attorney to do business transactions, private affairs and other legal matters on his behalf. A power of attorney may also be in oral form, but most institutions require a power of attorney to be in written form. The person who authorized to do transactions on his behalf is the grantor or principal, while the one who is authorized to do the acts is the attorney. This legal document is very important as it gives power to your agent or attorney to make decisions on your behalf.

There are already several downloadable free forms online that you can just simply fill up and print. After filling up and printing the form, you can now bring this to your lawyer and have him sign it. Aside from your attorney, you should also have two witnesses sign on your power of attorney form.

Free forms online usually ask you to fill up your basic information. You will be asked to type in your name, gender, address, as well as your attorney's name and address. In most free forms online, you will also be asked to give another attorney's name and address just in case your first attorney cannot do his duties.

These free forms online saves you the hassle of constructing and creating your very own power of attorney. You can have your power of attorney printed in just a few minutes. These forms are readily available from various law firms and organizations for their clients. However, when you fill up and download these free forms online, be extra cautious; there are dishonest attorneys who steal the assets of their clients, especially clients who are sick and elderly.

It is very important for a grantor or principal to find an attorney whom he can truly trust. The law requires an agent or an attorney to be truly honest and loyal to his or her grantor. Also, the law requires that the grantor, before he or she can request for a power of attorney, to be mentally fit to make such decisions.

For a power of attorney to be considered as a legal document, it needs the signature of the grantor/principal and must be notarized. In some states, notarization is not necessary for it to be considered as a legal document; all it needs are the signatures of the principal, the attorney and two witnesses.



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